In Memory: Max Mizejewski (1944-2014)

It is with a heavy hearts that we announce the passing of one of our Big Thunder Spirit family members: Max Mizejewski of the Dolphins and our Expedition Wizard.  On Friday, September 19th, Max’s plane had gone missing and later that it was found to have crashed, killing Max, who was piloting the single engine Cessna solo in preparation for an upcoming aviation convention. Max was an avid flier and was recertifying himself and died doing something he loved. A brief article about the crash is here:

If you wish to leave a message for the Mizejewski family or special thoughts about Max please do so here:

Max was a tremendous asset to his Circle, having been their Navigator, as well as to the BTS Expedition with many roles on Council for the last several years. Max’s dedication and devotion to his daughter Elizabeth was unquestioned and he did everything possible to make sure that the two of them made special memories at every single event. Where others stepped back, Max stepped forward and always asked how he could help make BTS better, not just for his daughter but for all the daughters. He was one of the Good Guys in the truest sense of the phrase. He always thought of others before himself. Max was truly “One of a Hundred Fathers” and was a special individual who will be missed in more ways than we can probably think of right now. Max and Elizabeth were also Navigator Award winners back in 2011.

Rest in Peace Max – you will be missed by all and the prayers from all of BTS are with your family. 

Welcome to Big Thunder Spirit Expedition of the YMCA Adventure Princesses

Wahoka! Welcome to Big Thunder Spirit. We’re a father/daughter group supported by the YMCA that allows fathers and daughters the opportunity to experience nature, develop personal skills and build self-confidence and independence through shared activities including several camping trips throughout the year. Most importantly, we have fun together while building lifelong bonds between father and daughter.

This year we have trips planned to Catalina Island, a horse riding camp, a snow camp in the mountains and several other fabulous activities. Check out our website with pictures and videos of previous events. If you’re interested in joining us on these adventures, please send us a note using the “Email Us” button below. You and your daughter will both be glad you did. I can confidently say that this program is best thing my daughter and I have ever done together!

Dan & Grace

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Congratulations Dolphins! - 2014 Campland Hubie Award Winners!

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Congratulations Randy and Gaby Accocelli - 2014 Campland Navigator Award Winners!