Welcome to Big Thunder Spirit Expedition of the YMCA Adventure Princesses

Wahoka!  Welcome to Big Thunder Spirit.  We’re a father/daughter group supported by the YMCA that allows fathers and daughters the opportunity to experience nature, develop personal skills and build self-confidence and independence through shared activities including several camping trips throughout the year.  Most importantly, we have fun together while building lifelong bonds between father and daughter.

This year we have trips planned to Camp Surf in San Diego, a sleepover at Angel Stadium, a snow camp in the mountains and several other fabulous activities.  Check out our website with pictures and videos of previous events.   If you’re interested in joining us on these adventures, please send us a note using the “Email Us” button below.  You and your daughter will both be glad you did.  I can confidently say that this program is the best thing my daughters and I have ever done together!

Tom, Rachel and Rebecca Johnson
Expedition Navigators